Retail Trainers and Consultants Bob Negen and Susan Negen

Retail Experts, Trainers & Speakers: Motivational, Knowlegeable, Fun!

Bob and Susan Negen retail experts

Bob and Susan Negen have over 35 years of combined "on the floor" retail business experience.

Their complementary skill sets and diverse backgrounds give their company and retail trainers at WhizBang! Training a one-two punch of street-smart independent retail store owner and highly trained retail pro.

The WhizBang! Beginnings

When Bob opened his first store, the Mackinaw Kite Co., he was only 23 years old and just out of college. Like most store owners, he started with a lot of enthusiasm and passion for his product, but almost no retail-specific business skills.

Bob quickly learned that passion does not lead directly to profit. 

Over the next 20 years Bob developed the critical business skills he needed to turn the Mackinaw Kite Co.’s first pitiful annual sales of $17,000 into a successful multi-million dollar business.

In 1999, Bob formed WhizBang! Training with his wife Susan Negen, an accomplished retailer in her own right. Bob now shares his hard-won knowledge as one of WhizBang! Training's retail consultants so that other retail store owners can more quickly and easily turn their passion into profit.

Great Retail Training for Store Owners

Bob is now one of the most highly sought-after public speakers and motivational retail trainers. He is a regular speaker at retail trade shows, conferences, and corporate events all across the continent - and beyond.

Bob and Susan are retail trainers who produce and speak at the Retail Success Summit, an annual 2-day event designed especially for independent retail store owners. In 2013, at the 6th annual Retail Success Summit, five hundred retailers from around the world gathered in Grand Rapids, MI for an amazing retail learning experience.

In addition to speaking, Bob and Susan have created many different ways to help retailers get the critical skills they need to run successful stores. In 2008 they launched their flagship product, the Retail Mastery System, a complete training system that teaches the 11 essential skills for running a successful retail store.  

Their best-selling book, “Marketing Your Retail Store in the Internet Age,” was released in 2006 with global publisher John Wiley & Sons. They have also developed many different coaching programs, e-books,  and free retail tips.

Bob's street-smart marketing ideas, expert salesmanship, and leadership abilities combined with Susan's sophisticated technical retail skills bring you an unparalleled opportunity to get all the information you need from just one source - WhizBang! Training.

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