How to Have a Sidewalk Sale

Tip #452 - Your Steps to a Sizzlin' Sidewalk Sale!

Dear Tip of the Weeker,

Summer is nearly here and that means Sidewalk Sales are right around the corner.  This year, don't just schlep your leftover junk out to the curb, but think about actually making it an event to remember. 

Here are four inexpensive and easy things to consider when planning for your sale:

1. Offer Great Merchandise at Low Prices

Contact your best suppliers right now and see if they have any closeout specials you can get at rock-bottom prices.

Bring in the merchandise at the regular, high retail price even though you're getting it at a low, reduced cost. Then mark it down for the sale. You may be able to get your customers a really great deal and still get your normal margins!

Word spreads fast at a sidewalk sale and offering lots of great merchandise at really low prices will set the street a-buzzin'. 

2. Pump Up the Volume

Haul out the boombox or set up some speakers on the sidewalk and play some hot summer tunes. Think Jimmy Buffet, Beach Boys, Bob Marley, etc.

The music will draw people to your section of the sidewalk and put them in a fun and festive mood. 

3. The Attractor Factor  

Make your section of the sidewalk a magnetic draw by creating some sort of fun spectacle. Rent a bubble machine for the day and crank out a trail of thousands of sparkling suds that lead right to your door. Set up a sprinkler fountain that the kids (or spontaneous adults!) can run through to cool off. Get a tank of helium and give away free balloons imprinted with your store logo. 

If you google "imprinted balloons," you'll find tons of sources where you can order them cheap and fast! 

4. Host a Virtual Sidewalk Sale

If you're like us and you don't have a sidewalk, make a sidewalk sale page on your website. 

Announce it in your email newsletters and people can stop by and shop while sitting comfortably in their chairs at home.

Wishing you great sales and lots of fun,

Bob Susan

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