Online Retail Training for Your Store

The WhizBang! Retail-A Thon!

Eight hours of non-stop, retail-specific, business-building FUN

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The Retail-A-Thon is a FREE, all-day live online retail training event where Bob and Susan (and sometimes even a special guest) spend the entire day talking about the 11 essential skills it takes to run a successful business.

Participants can watch the live event on their computers, participate in the online chat, email questions, and call in to win great free prizes!

Q: What's a Retail-A-Thon?

A: Think Jerry Lewis telethon, but for retailers...

  • 8 hours of FREE non-stop retail fun!
  • LIVE on-line video with Bob and Susan answering YOUR most pressing business questions about retail marketing, staff development, inventory management, display, finances, customer experience, social media... what ever YOU want to know about.  You ask, we answer.
  • Contests and giveaways every single hour - or more often! Win books, Retail Success Summit tickets, Kits, or free consulting! Plus, we give away a complete Retail Mastery System as one of the prizes, so be sure to tune in!
  • Deals and discounts on our best products and services. We've got some great stuff planned, but Bob (affectionately known around the office as "the loose cannon") always manages to come up with something special on the fly...

Q:  How do I get my questions answered by Bob and Susan?

A: The main mission of this online retail training event is to answer your questions. You can ask us your questions a number of different ways.

  • Email your questions today to If we have your question before the Retail-A-Thon starts, you'll have a great shot at getting your question answered.
  • Email during the live event if something we say sparks a question. Same email address:
  • Ask your question on the live chat that will be streaming country along with the video. A WBT staff member will be on the chat with you, relaying your questions to us and answering questions we can't take on air.  The live chat is FUN, cause you can interact and "talk" with the hundreds of other retailers from all over the country who are watching.
  • Call the office during the live event  Call us at 1-800-842-1660. Ask your question and a staff member will deliver it to us!

We try to answer every question we get sometime during the Retail-A-Thon, but even with eight full hours we run out of time!  

Q:  How do I watch?

A: The Retail-A-Thon is a LIVE, online video event - like a live TV show you watch on your computer. Watch the Retail-A-Thon by clicking on a link that we'll privde you when we announce the next event.

Q:  When is the next Retail-A-Thon?

A: There isn't one scheduled right now, but we have several throughout the year, please check back to see if there's an upcoming event, or just subscribe to the Tip of the Week, where you'll get all the information about all of our upcoming events in your inbox.

Q:  What if I have to work on the floor that day?

A: We're not totally crazy... we know not everyone will able to watch all eight hours of the Retail-A-Thon event (although many retailers do!!)

But even if you can only watch parts of it, you'll have fun, learn some great stuff to help you run an amazing, profitable retail store, and maybe you'll even win one of the free giveaways!