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Happy 25th Birthday, WorldWideWeb!

The WorldWideWeb celebrates its 25th birthday today, March 12, 2014.

These days it’s hard to imagine life without the vast data-sharing buddy to the internet that we call the “web.” It’s an integral part of everything we do. We use it to learn about current events, find a good restaurant, get directions, go shopping, sell products, meet new people, have meetings, play games, connect with friends and family, and much, much more.  

In fact, I used the web to find some interesting facts about the year 1989! Mind you, none of the things I found were on the WorldWideWeb 25 years ago, since Tim-Berners Lee had just barely invented it. His initial purpose was to help scientists at universities and institutes around the world share information, but it caught on quickly and by 1993 the WorldWideWeb was made available to the public for free.

It’s a very different world we live in than in 1989, but just for giggles, if we could have tweeted then, here are some thoughts we may have shared:


Planning – Managing – Doing

By Steve Frazee

Planning. Managing. Doing. You need to be engaged in all three. Without a balance of planning, managing, and doing, your business is at risk.
Planning is the part of running a business where you envision what you want to have happen and set the short-term and long-term strategy of the business. Deciding to add employees, carry a new line of products, which marketing endeavors to pursue, or whether to open a new store is all a part of planning
Planning is different than managing. Managing is making sure the plan is being followed.


A Holiday Promotion for Independent Retail Store Owners

12 Days of Christmas Promotion

This is a fun, easy promotion you can plan today! Just make a list of twelve items you’re overstocked in, assign each item a date, and print up 12 sets of signs - one for each days’ sale item.

Plan to email your retail customers the "super sale item" on each of the twelve days. Make it a quick, one paragraph email with a


WhizBang! Unique Gift Guide

Indie Retailers Pick The Most Unique Gifts In Store This Holiday Season

From the hundreds of independent retailers from across North America who submitted the most unique gifts they were offering in their stores this year, we selected the following twenty-five. 

Sometimes silly, sometimes inspiring, this collection is sure to pique your curiosity and help you cross those hard-to-buy-for folks off your Christmas list!


Bob's "Ah-Ha!" Moment - The Retail Sweet Spot

Last Friday I had an "Ah-ha!" moment. I had been watching all of the different "Retail Success Story" contest videos when it hit me - a simple, visual way to explain what real retail success looks like. 

I ran into the conference room and drew this...

That's it... the intersection of customer experience, product & presentation, and back of the house execution is where retail greatness lives.